Saltruta Discord Bot

Saltruta is a discord bot developed by termincc. It's a card collection game where users can collect, customize and upgrade their precious cards.

The project began back in August of 2022. Since then many changes have occured.

Originally, Saltruta was a QOL bot for the already existent discord bot known as "Karuta" ( However, the focus was eventaully shifted to the current game.

Since then, major updates have been developed incuding:
- Moving from Replit ( to a Heroku ( ran server
- Moving from locally stored data to a discord based database
- Changing the entire backend on how interactions were handled
- 2.0. An 8 month long remake, where every aspect of the bot was improved.

Saltruta is developed in Python, using to interact with the discord API.

Saltruta is developed solely by termincc, and testing is done with the help of two or three trusted users.